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For English, we will be focusing on Letter Recognition and learning of English vocabulary to help our Children have a strong foundation in English.

Gross and Fine Motor Skills which are integrated with our English and Thai lessons will also help our Pre-K Children learn in a fun and engaging way.

Kindergarten 1

For English, we are focusing on Letter Recognition and will be embarking on Phonics with our K1 Children by introducing them the beginning sounds of the English Alphabet. K1 Children will also continue to expand their repertoire of the English vocabulary.

Kindergarten 2

For English, we are helping our K2 Children master the sounds of the English Alphabet and introducing them to blending – which is the beginning of their learning journey to read! We will also be introducing Tricky Words which will further help them in their reading skills.

Kindergarten 3

For English, we are focusing on introducing more Phonics sounds to our K3 students – primarily the digraphs sounds (eg. the /ch/ sounds). We will continue to build on their English vocabulary and “Tricky Words” Bank so that they can be even more confident in their reading.

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